Selector stability


How do i stablise the selector @Sudharsan_Ka and which is the attribute

Hi [Mark_Rajkumar] ,
what is your actual question what u want to select


Have you changed the idx to 3 and validated ? if validated highlight and check if the text field is highlighting

If yes try to increase the idx and try to valiadate


Hi @mohiniganesh15 i am trying to stabilise my selector after a loop. I am trying to put in a variable in a selector. However i am not sure which attribute to change?

Hi ,
For variable in selector you have pass variable {{VariableName}}
and check selector which is frequently changing

Hi @Sudharsan_Ka if this works than i dont have to create a variable right?

No if this works you need to create a variable with the number and you need to pass them in the idx attribute and you need to increment the value so that it will be moved to next and next fields

@Sudharsan_Ka so for example create variable counter=0 as int32, select the selector and amend the idx with the counter variable. Than give an additional increment to the counter=counter+1 as int32. Correct me if i am wrong?

Yes For each iteration you need to increment the counter and then it will type on on next next text fields in the website @Mark_Rajkumar

@Sudharsan_Ka i am unable to input a variable at the idx as it does not allow to validate.

you cant able to validate after adding the variable, it will be validated automatically in the run time @Mark_Rajkumar

@Sudharsan_Ka ok will try that

Hi @Mark_Rajkumar ,


Try to use ‘Click Text’ in that type the exact value in aaname in the type area of click text activity

it will be more efficient in attach browser area


@Sudharsan_Ka it didn’t work

Hi @kishorgy7 will try using that

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@kishorgy7 it didnt work

@Sudharsan_Ka other methods


You can try with For each UiElement activity

If you cant find the activity enable modern and search for it



Have you tried in attach browser ?

Or does the word occurrence more than one time ?