Selector is not working

Hi , I have a problem with selector.
wnd app=‘java.exe’ cls=‘SunAwtDialog’ idx=’’ /><java role=‘combo box’ virtualname=‘Start time’ , This selector I am using for Select Item activity to select the dropdown value.
Here I observed that idx value is changing, so I used idx=’
But still it is not working…


@Raju_Sigi_Reddy If your selectors are dynamic try using wildcrad (*) in your selector.

Thanks for reply…Yes, madhavi I have used * for idx …then also not working…that is what my issue…

There could be multiple reason why your activity is not working

  1. selector is dynamic
    There is another way to analyse which is the right selector during runtime:

Use FindChildren for that particular area , you will get IEnumerable of UiElement
Using for each loop you can highlight the elements found in child elements
If it highlights the right element, get the selector by using uielemt_varName.Selector.Text
And analyse which part is dynamic and change the selector accordingly

Note above steps are basically to debug the selector :slight_smile:

  1. Element might not be loaded completely. Y

You can use element exist\find element before selecting the combobox
Use retry scope

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@Madhavi…thanks for the possibilities…will try and let you know…thanks