Selector issue while running morethen 3 times

after running my flow for more than 3 times or more the selector issues occur, selector not found exception is any help regarding this?

Hi priyanka
if possible can i have a view on that selector once
Cheers @priyankavivek

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I guess your application might be slow sometime, You can try to put some delay between 2 activities and increase timeout wherever you’re getting selector issues.

Every time are you getting selector issue in same activity or different activity?

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different activity,again i need to indicate on the screen

when you indicate again, are you getting any difference in selector?

yes ,in the above screenshot you can see i have used the * dynamically, but when selector issued it shows like select option_567

yes, If your ID changes dynamically, you need to add more attributes to this selector.
Click on “Open in UI Explorer” and select more attributes and you can also add parent element to make it strong.

Please also share screenshots of UiExplorer so I can suggest what you can add.

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sure i will share now!

Turn off the ID check box from right panel and turn on the class now validate the selector. Check if its valid

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Did that work?

no ,when i run several times again selector not found exception occurs

Whenever you are getting exceptions stop your execution and validate selector, if it doesn’t show validated then open UiExplorer to see the difference between attributes which you have selected previously.

You can try to add few more attributes, name, parentid, parentname

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i have given the attributes ,name ,parent id in all selector(open ui explorer )but still exception occurs,is any other way?

This is standard way.

otherway is computer vision / key stroke.

I would suggest do deep dive to understand dynamics in your form.

Is your form is dynamic?

(i.e. new fields added on the fly as soon as you select some values in other fields)

yes its dynamic

ok, that’s causing issue.

Using firebug or developer toolbar in your browser you can see the HTML structure of your form elements and identify what remains static.

if your fields label will be always same then, You can try Anchor Base activity, you need to search for your label element and based on that you need to use typeinto activity.

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