Cannot find the UI element corresponding to selector - web page

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Just getting started with UIPath. Super interesting. I have come quite far in a short period of time thanks to all the great documentation and this forum. However, now I am stuck and can’t find an answer. I am trying to determine whether a checkbox on a webpage is checked or not. For some reason it cannot find the UI element even though I have used the UI Explorer and attempted in other ways. The error I get is as follows. Any advice?

Get Attribute ‘INPUT’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

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Could you please make Selector more reliable by removing unnecessary attributes from it and then try once.

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Thank you for the response. I figured it out.
The issue was that I had not arrived at my result page yet, meaning that my search was still processing while I was already looking for an element on the results page.

I put in a Delay of 10 seconds to allow the search to complete before checking for the selector on the result page.

The selector that I ended up using was as follows:


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Rather than you put in delays, it is much better to have an Element Exist activity (return boolean true or false) and do IF condition checking. This will work better in most cases since sometime the search might take longer than others.

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