Selector for scheduling content for a facebook page


I wish to automate the content upload into a Facebook page by scheduling contents for future using Facebook’s creator studio.

I have automated as far as creating a new post, writing the description and adding an image. Now I want to schedule the post to be published in future. For this I have to click the schedule button and it brings up a dialogue box where I can specify the date and time when I want it to be published. I have tried every way I could think of but couldn’t find a way to select the date field so it works everytime.

Please see the screenshot attached. The selector doesn’t work. Please can someone help?

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HI there @bokapakhi

Not sure about the usecase but if you want to go the UiAutomation route then probably play around by setting the focus, hovering over it and then clicking/passing keystrokes (however you normally were trying to achieve the objective)

See if you can inspect and check whether you have some kind of events (onclick, hover etc) so that the field gets activated, if not, then use the inbuilt UiAutomation options in UiPath. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Hi @Raghavendraprasad ,

The use case is to upload daily content into the page but scheduling it for the next few months - as a result there will be no need to manually upload posts everyday.

I have noticed that after the scheduling window appears, clicking “tab” 4 times will bring the focus into the date field if i do it by hand. But if i send hotkey then it doesn’t work.

But bigger problem is, even if I do manage to bring the focus in the right place, how do I send keystrokes then? The “Type Into” activity requires me to have a selector. But after the focus is at the right place, I just need the robot to send the keystrokes, not to a specific selector/location. How can I do this? the “Send hotkey” activity won’t work because I need to send dates which are in the form of variables.

Please help. In order to replicate the scenario, you have to create a Facebook page and go to facebook creator studio. It is free to do and the activities won’t show up in your fb account. Really looking to find a solution, spent days looking for it - any help much appreciated.


update -

I was able to bring the focus into the date field by pressing tab. but how can I now type into the field ?


Selectors on the page are not reliable, can you try using anchor base ? I was able to “Type Into” the date field consistently using anchor base.

Please see attached. Test.xaml (7.1 KB)

Hi, Thanks for all the the help - I managed to get the element in focus by pressing tabs and then used type into and selected the whole chrome window as the selector of type into activity. It seems to be working this way - so I am proceeding with this.