Selector for numerical value


I am getting a numerical value from a website using “Take Screen shot”. This value change and have to select every time whenever execute the program.
Can someone please help me to select the right selector?


Hi @Naresh_Upadhyay,

I think you need to change the selector dynamically to accomodate all the scenarios.
If you don’t know the number before hand, then in this case you can use regex in the selector.
Check out this link below.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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Adding to @Naresh_Upadhyay‘s post.

You could also use the following characters:
? = represents 1 single character that could be anything
* = 0 or unlimited characters that could be anything.

So, “screenshot 10.11.2020” could be updated to look like:

“Screenshot ??.??.20??”