Selector Documentation Improvement Recommendation

Hi, I have a recommendation for an improvement to your documentation for selectors here: There is documentation explaining that selectors are comprised of nodes and attributes, but I haven’t been able to find a complete list of possible node types and attribute types. I think this would be helpful in a situation where I would like to build my selector from scratch or if I wanted to customize my selector.

I was able to find a bit more information here: This documentation seems quite old and potentially out of date. Just as an example of what I mean, here is an attribute example:

app - the name of the application which owns the window. It is the lowercase name of the EXE. - only the root node (see <node_1> above) can have this attribute. It is ignored in child nodes. Example: app=“notepad.exe”.

I have been able to use the UIExplorer in combination with google searches to find out what most things mean, but it wasn’t always completely obvious to me what each attribute and node meant, and I can’t even be sure I know all of the possible attributes yet. I think adding a section that explained what each one was would be helpful to new users.

If I’ve missed an exhaustive list that is posted elsewhere, then I apologize, but I still feel that having the list in the official documentation would be helpful.