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Hope you are doing good. I am working with selectors, and wanted to know that what are differences between attributes and selectors ?

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Selectors is a set of nodes having attributes that is
selector is a string of characters (VB expression) used to identify objects on the screen and is one of the properties of UI activities and has an XML format.

Attributes together forms a selector which has different tags in it with different values

Like for example <app = ‘notepad’ title = ‘untitled’ >

Here the app and title are attributes while this together forms a selector

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Group of attributes form a selector.
Look at the following selector :

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Google’
<webctrl id=‘viewport’ tag=‘DIV’

Here app,title, id, tag are known as attributes.

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Ohh well thanks for the clarifications !

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Cheers @Piyush_Hemant

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