Selecting Text from dropdown


I had a dropdown where web has some values. Now i want to select the value from dropdown. Issue is if value is not present from list then i have to select others from dropdown and if value exits in dropdown then i need to select that value. How we can do this.
I know about find children using that we extract the list of value from dropdown but how we can do further like if value exits in list then i select that if not exits then i select other text from dropdown.

Screenshot of dropdown.

then you will get the collection of uiChildren which you can postprocess

using if activity and reacting if value was present in uichildren collection or the derived values list

uiChildren - Output from find chidren

Condition for the check:
uiChildren.Any(Function (x) x.Get(“innertext”).toString.Trim.Equals(“YourTestString”))

which will return true or false

Hi @ppr
What we put in place of X

x is like local variable which we use in the LINQ

In my Case it look like
EngMfgChildren.Any(Function (EngMfgChildren) EngMfgChildren.Get(“innertext”).toString.Trim.Equals(EngMFG))

EngMfgChildren is uichildren variable

EngMFG this variable is having value which i am searching in list

Sorry for bothering

Is this correct?
it showing error to me

lets assume EngMfgChildren is the output from findchildren
EngMFG is a string Variable with the vlaue you want to check

EngMfgChildren.Any(Function (x) x.Get("innertext").toString.Trim.Equals(EngMFG))