Find children whit if

Hello all,
I would like to select a certain value from a drop down of a website, but the content of the drop down list changes. For this reason, I have tried to start an If query via find children, but this does not work. How can I query the drop down list to see if a value I want to select is available?

we assume you are interacting on a webpage
have a look here:

kindly note: a drop down on webpages can occur in many ways:

  • selct element along with options
  • input field along with datalist
  • uikits

so we also recommend also to analyse this on begin

Thank you for the example. The query for find children works, but I would like to control the subsequent select item with an IF query, so I need help.

Lets assume uiChildren is the returned output from find children, containing all option elements.

Using following statement within an if activity condition allows to check if a value is present or not

uiLists.Any(Function (x) x.Get(“innertext”).ToString.Equals(YourSearchString))

I have tried, it looks fine at first glance, however it does not say select item.

It should select “SUDDENLY STOPPED WORKING” if this value is in the drop down list.