Selected timezone is not the current tenant timezone --> under Trigger

If you would have get the above error in orchestrator, pls follow below steps.

Please navigate to the settings option from right-side of Orchestrator screen, as below.

select the Time-zone from where you are and click on save button.

Then go-back to trigger option and type in the time zone (whatever time zone you have selected in settings only that time zone will accepts, other Time-zones will show error)

Mahammad Gouse

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hi @Mahammad_Gouse
This is not an error , this is happen to created triggers
When you change or do after changing on the Time Zone (In settings)

Previous created time zones will capture your previews time zone
and newly created (after you changing the time zone ) triggers runs without errors

If you change the Time Zone (In Setting) , you have to change the time zone of previous created triggers

Hi Maneesha_de_silva

yes, Thank you for your clarification on this.

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You are always welcome :sunglasses: :rocket: