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Hi evryone, I try to select certain text in a website draging the mouse, because the get text doesn’t work in this case, the only way to do is drag the mouse to select the information. Could any help me with this?

Hi @molina_ppfe are you talking about drag and drop process?

Yes, select certain info in the website like this

@molina_ppfe try with get full text or get ocr text or screen scrapping method and then split the string

@Tapan_Behera1 with get text is dificult because i need something like that
And with get text i receive all the information in a one line

With get OCR text i receive that

Hello @molina_ppfe, :smiley:

You can try it with Screen scraping methods or using “Get Attribute” activity (indicating the selector on the screen and selecting property as “aaname”). Did you try it?

Look on the documentation here:
:point_right: Output or Screen Scraping Methods
:point_right: Get Attribute

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Hello, @molina_ppfe, the text you are trying to select, how do you determine that is it the one you are looking for?

Alternatively, you can use hotkeys etc.

Hi @molina_ppfe

And with what activity have you tried?


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