Select Range for entire row in Excel

Hi, what do I specify in the “Range” input field if I want to select an entire row in Excel?

E.g. I want to delete row 5, what is the value I need to key in “A5:??”

@DEATHFISH Try this “A5:urdatablename.Rows.Count”

Hi, I’d prefer not to use datatable.rows.count because I am working with a raw Excel sheet and it is very messy… Is there any other way to select the entire row?


Do you know end column before or not ?

If you know then try like this: “A5:F5”

Hi, I just specified the end column as something like AAA and it worked, thanks

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@DEATHFISH, I have tried the same option of Range AAA and getting error. Can you share the sample file which you have done?