Select until the end of a column starting from a specific cell

Hi, team!
How can I select until the end of a column (end of data) starting from a specific cell?
A wanna start from cell A3, and go until the end of the column that contains data.


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In read excel activity, select range as "A3"


Hi @Giulia_G
use select range as "A3:A +DtTable.rows.count.ToString

Ashwin S

@kuppu_samy, I’ve already tried, is giving me only cells A1 til A3… In my mind this should work too, but isn’t

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Hi @Giulia_G,
What do you mean end of data?
If the Excel sheet has 10 data, it will give 10 rows.

If you want to read data in between range. Give the cell name or cell range like A2 and A2:C5 respectively



In Read Range activity, mention Range as “A3” and it will start reading data from A3 cell to end of the data.


I’ve made some changes, and it works! Thanks a lot!!!

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