Select query for column name with space or "&" or "/"

i want to select column using linq query not sure how to present column name with space and special characters.

Select nt = { d2.dep Name = d1.dep Name, d2.comment/feedback= d1.comment/feedback}

Also how can we copy certain columns from table 1 to certain columns in table 2

Have a Look on following linq

(From d in dtdata.asenumerable
Where d(“yourcolname”).tostring.equals(“ABC”)
Select d). CopyToDatatable

d ist referencing the current looped datarow
More down you will see on how the Access to a column and its value is expressed

what if the column name has space or special character?

I’m not getting how this works??
also datatable has different schema.I just need two columns to be copied to diff table…

the Post was introducing into the General Syntax from Linq and ist valid also for Other datatable column structures

As the column Name is surrounded by the " (Double quote) in Most cases the space, Other Chars are recognized

in case of further open questions may we ask you to share some sample input data and expected output data along wit a clear description with us. We will work out a solution suggestion based on this. Thanks

When the column has space use:
dt.Select(“%[column name] in (‘a’,‘b’)”)