Select item error#

what’s the solution for this error? the selector is good, I tried delay activity but did not work

Is “Gender” an option in the drop down list?

Make sure the option you are selecting exists in the drop down options

Hi @bakrious12,

It’s based on application created for few applications select item activity won’t work, So Instead of that use Click activity for clicking on the dropdown arrow & use type into activity to select the item for this need to Provide the item name which you want to select.

Try this one it will work


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This will work the error is due to the incorrect value being selected as it does not exist in the options to choose from

Hi @aquinn

That’s fine, Incase if any issues with select item activity then just follow as i suggested it will work

It was working before I don’t know the issue I will try the solution below, but it’s stored as variable so I think it’s correct

I’ll try thanks

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