Select Item activity

How to check item is available or not in Select Item activity ?

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Hi @thirumarand,

You can use “Get Attribute activity” and look for “Inner text” out of which will be a string and then you can use Str.contains(item) to look whether dropdown contains specific item ou are looking for.


Hey @thirumarand

If i am not assuming you wrong then you wants to check that particular value exists in the combo box/ select box or not then you can try below approach and after check that item is available or not by using if condition use “select item” activity to select the element you wants.

You can use “Find Children” Activity and you can use for- each loop construct to loop on “Uipath.Core.UiElement” and inside this use “Get Attribute” Activity to get “aaname” and and compare the output of this to Loop item.

For reference check this thread and let me know :slight_smile:



Hi @aksh1yadav,

Thanks for your update…Its working fine.


Hi @Vikas.Jain,

Thanks for your update vikas.

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