Element exist to check item in drop down

can we use element exist activity to check item exist in drop down or not…?

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@Aditya10989 First you need to click the Drop Down then Check using Element Exists

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yes, you can use element exist activity to check !
you can do this by clicking on drop down first and check for your string!

If it’s a drop down we can use Find children activity and get the output as a Ienumerable variable where in that we can check for string we want with Contains method

Cheers @Aditya10989

Click on simple drop down or need to select item in drop down

Looks like a fork from the other topic created by you. Have a look here. An introduction on this is provided to you:

@Aditya10989 Wouldn’t it be a DropDown Symbol :sweat_smile:

Hi this will not work.As mention in attachment untitled1 item in drop down not match it need to move in else case and PrimaryLLC is false but this return true and move inside if condition not else.

@Palaniyappan @Pradeep_Shiv

no, that is not for that use… you should use find children and in a loop, look to see if the item is on it or not.


Did we try with this method which would give us descendants of it from which we will be able to choose or type

Or if the option is same always did we try with SEND HOT KEY activity with key as down and enter

Cheers @Aditya10989

My requirement is only change in drop down in two value
1.Primary Insured - Rasier LLC; Rasier - CA LLC; Rasier - DC LLC
2.Primary Insured - Portier LLC
Now no one knows when which one condition need to select.Only one thing they know in one item only one item will show either Primary Insured - Rasier LLC; Rasier - CA LLC; Rasier - DC LLC or either Primary Insured - Portier LLC not both same time.
Now client want to select which item name start with the name of Primary Insured that will select

Kindly note that here Select item from drop down with the name - #24 by ppr an introduction was given to you on how to achieve this with find children

yes I try but got this issue

check datatype of the Variable CheckRcvFrm and ensure that it is configured to uielement

Hi Aditya,

Try using select item and give your text as ‘Primary Insured - Portier LLC’.
If it will be present in the drop down it will be selected, either an exception will be thrown or also u can check the data via Get text on drop down(whether Portier LLC coming or not.).

and if an exception occurs, then u know that Portier LLC is not there in the drop down.
Also if Get Text does not gives you the required result, it states that Portier LLC is not there.

As a result, it will be other option present in drop down which u can select again using Select item.
Please get back in case of any queries.

This might help.

its wrong it has to be of Datatype uipath.core.uielement as mentioned above. Currently it is configured to an IEnumerable(Of UiElement) and this is different to the mentioned uielement

now got this issue can not select element this was not found.Error got as mention attachment

in circle

see yellow highlight. here the attribute name is to use

When you have a look on the description you can direct see the difference

so give a try on use innertext as attribute name

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Sorry My mistake I think this will work.Thank you very much.