Get children only returns one item from dropdown

I have been struggling all day to use the “get children” activity, I have been able to get it to return ONE of the values in the drop down box, but it only returns the dropdown item that is selected currently
its a secure website so I cant give you access to build yourself. So any ideas would be appreciated

Hi @Nathan_Betters1 ,
Do you need click a item in dropdown ?
dropdown have many item,
if you can use


Do you need to get all items in the dropdown? If so, can you try GetAttribute with inner text or inner html OR GetFullText (NGetText with full text mode) ?



Try to use find children after clicking on the dropdown indicating the dropdown menu instead of the menu before click


I do need all the items, I have not tried a get full text, but I did try the intertext and got the same result

Show us your code. Post screenshots of your activities, and include the properties if full expression isn’t shown in the screenshot. Specifically, show the selector and filter for the Find Children activity.

Get Full Text is not the way to do this. You’re correct in using Find Children. You just have to configure it properly.