Select column with no name in Excel

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I am about to use the Lookup Data Table activty in which I have to put in the columns’ names I am targeting. The problem is that the Excel file has no column names. The data starts at the 3rd row. I am also not allowed to change the file, because it is being used by other people.
Is it still possible to target the columns somehow?

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Use column Index to


You cant perform a edit operations because it’s being used and if you try to open it up then it will be opened as read only. so let file be released by other user.

if you’re sure that data always start from 3rd row, then you can use write cell activity to type value.


@Pankaj.Patil I just mean that it gets changed up sometimes not that people work on it parallely :smiley:

I looked it up on Studio but in the properties there are column names and rows requested. I need to find my data dynamically. So sometimes it is row 5, sometimes 13 etc.
Here is a screenshot :smiley:


No worries, you can find row number as dynamic,

  1. Declare int variable, assign value as 2,
  2. Read A column,
  3. Use for each row, use if activity to check row empty or not like row(1).tostring = “”
  4. Increase int variable with 1, if you find value then u get index in int variable.
  5. Break for each or if


That sounds quiete complicated for me :sweat_smile:
Here a screenshot from the Excel file: