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Hello all,

My question in regards to a problem I am running into is identifying the steps in need to take to pull information from a web browser by date. I need to only pull data from the last 30 days on this browser in the attachment.

I know there’s a DateTime variable in UiPath that I would potentially use, but I would love some guidance on where I would go from there. Thank you for any feedback.

Hi @ArvSeyZar

First extract all the information by using DataScrapping

Then in assign activity use new dt=extractdatatable.Select"[Last Edited Date]=‘Now.tostring.AddDays(-30). ToString’"). copy todatatable ()


when I data scrape I am only able to scrape everything under the columns to get the values. When i do the assign activity I get an error for the “extractdatatable” assign activity because I don’t think UiPath recognizes that area. Either that or the there might be an error in the code as the quotations is what’s giving me the error

Show the screenshot

Hi @ArvSeyZar

Do One thing

Use Assign and create a datevariable=Now.AddDays(-30).ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy”)

Then Use

Dt.Select("[Last Edited Date]<=+datevar.ToString+").CopyToDatatable()

Ashwin S

would the be another assign?

and to also clarify, I am trying to input this data into excel as well

Yes u can do it based on add data row


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