Select a "sheet" with "if"

What i want i my process is when the data table is in “sheet1” then do the process 1 even if the data table is in the 'sheet2" then do the process 2


Sorry didn’t get you. Can you please tell more details for better understanding.

Do both Sheet1 and Sheet2 exist at the same time? If so, you’ll have to get the contents from each of them, and see which one has the data. Then use the if-condition to run the appropriate sequence.

The process is different if it’s sheet 1 or sheet 2


  1. Use Excel Application Scope and pass that excel file path to it.

  2. Use Read Range activities inside Excel Application Scope to read the data from excel sheets. Let’s say InputDT1 and InputDT2.

    If InputDT1.Rows.Count > 0
    Sheet1 contains data
    Sheet2 contains data

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Thank you!

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