Reading Two excel_sheets

Hi, I have 2 excels . First excel have 2 columns with parent_name and City. Second Excel have 2 columns child_name and Age. Now i want to pick Name from first excel and have to search in excel 2(second excel may have two child),if name matches i want to read both the excel_sheet values and insert in to web_form


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First use Read Range to read both excel files into DataTables,
then you can use a For Each Row to iterate the first datatable, inside it use Lookup DataTable to try to find the children inside the second datatable, if you find you can use data from both to type into web form.

you can have a for each row inside of another for each row.


Call the rows of the first for each → row
Call the rows of the second for each → row1

Then, you can check the values using:
if(row(“column name”).toString <> row1(“column name”).toString)

<> - not matched, so in else part you can write your logic.

sorry but this makes no sense…

Thanks, but i am getting errors, coul u please give me a test file

If you can share how far you managed to go, i can help with the rest :slight_smile: