Select a row from a DataTable

Hi everyone!

I can not see the fail…

Value of type 'System.Data.DataTable' cannot be converted to 'System.Data.DataRow'.

What is the problem?



Please change the data type from DataTable[ ] to DataTable for in_WIList variable and then try.

And also in Else condition assign nothing to out_TransactionItem but not out_TransactionID.

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I think your variable in_WIList should be of type DataRow[] instead of Datatable if you are accessing a single row, :thinking:

Rammohan B.

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Ok, it solve the problem, but when I change WIList from DateTable to DateTable a error appear at the condition.

'Count' is not a member of System.Data.DataTable'

It is correct!!

I did not remember the array…

Thank for your help!

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