Seeking Career Change To RPA / UIPAth

Seeking career change into this area have the systems / process analysis skills yet no direct UIPATH / RPA experience.

Any advise to be able to commence new role work with UIPATH/ RPA without prior experience with said systems.


Hi @Clauder

You can hone your skills here thru a lot of training .
you can enroll here and pick the course that you want.

Also here some article to be start with.

Best Practices in UIPATH Studio = Best Practices in UIPATH Studio

If you have any question just ask here in our community to address it or you can easily pm me for your inquiry :smiley:

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Yes I am aware of the course on offer my bigger concern is being able to source roles without any prior uipath experience yet have all the systems process analysis mindset required


The uipath courses some are referred to as e-learning whilst others are referred to as learning plans please advise the difference between both

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Go through the academy and do some personal projects. Play with the platform as much as you can. Get active in the forms.

I transferred from an IT Recruiting career into a Process Automation Analyst position. Before I started getting interviews I got both RPA Business Analyst and RPA Functional Dev Diplomas.

Just stay hungry and hone the craft :smiley:


It’s Fine if you don’t have any experience at all ,I guess a lot of developer here doesn’t have experience when they start using this tools(Ofcourse).It’s up to you what you really desire UIPATH Academy guide us what roles maybe suit to us.So its upt to us what roles we decide to our Journey in UIPATH.

Just Enjoy learning here in our Community

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Happy learning :smiley:


What an inspiring advise​:smiley: @pattyricarte, maybe I should start trying to get certication too in uipath academy.:smile:

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