Security Bug: In a multi-tenant environment, users are logged out of one Tenant and automatically logged on to another

This bug is confirmed reproducible.
We have a multi tenant setup, on-premise, and my user is an admin on all 3 tenants.
If I am logged on to either of 2 of the tenants, in the Automations or Queues page, I will eventually be automatically logged on to the same page, but in a different Tenant. Sometimes this will happen after seconds, sometimes 20 minutes, but it will happen.
The screenshot below will show how an error message appears when this happens.

After I am automatically redirected to the other Tenant, I can navigate that tenant as If I had logged on to it interactively.
Our Orchestrator is version 2021.4.0 but this also occured in 2020.10

UiPath what is the status of this bug?

Hi @Mikkel_Nielsen

Would you mind contacting our technical support with this inquiry?

It might be easier for the team to gather all information required to preperly debug the issue :slight_smile: