Searching 11 digit number in text file

Hi, can you tell me what’s the best way to search for an 11 digit number that starts with “91” in a text file. It occurs multiple times so I want to save it to a variable and output it. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, welcome to the community!
You can use Matches activity, use advanced expression like this: 91\d{9} then the output will be all the numbers that you can access in a for each.

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that would give him a 13 digit number…

Thank you both! @bcorrea your formula works! One more simple question, do you know how to output this to a text file. Here is what I have so far but I can’t get the output in a string format.

Use: String.Join(Environment.NewLine, entryREG)

This works! Thanks for your help!

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