Insert zeros beginning of string

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I need to check if a string has 11 digits.
In case it has not 11 digits I need to insert at the beginning of the string as many zeros as to complete the string for having 11 digits.
Examples: 555110988 β†’ 00555110988
5110988 β†’ 00005110988
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this expression would help you in a assign activity
yourstringvariable = yourstringvariable.padleft(11,CChar(β€œ0”))

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Hi @CamiCat - you can achieve this by changing the format when outputting your number as a string. So it would be YourNumber.ToString(β€œ00000000000”).

If it is already a string variable I would convert it to a number first, then output to a string as as shown above. I would recommend converting to a number if it isn’t one already as that will be your input validation step.

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