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I’m scrapping data from one website after searching for a particular product, but I need to check if the data found is correct wrt my conditions.


This is the data after scrap.

When the term “Lays” is searched, above result is obtained.


  1. The term “Lays” if “Preferred” should return “Available”.
  2. The term “Lays” if “Non-Preferred” should return “Not Available”.
  3. If above both conditions are satisfied, then it should return “Both”.

The returned data should be appended to the following excel file (in column F)

Thanks in advance…

Are you looking for help with a particular step or just asking for the complete solution to be built by someone else?


I’m looking for logic.

Till now I’m performing this action using nested foreach to no luck.

But if you can provide any new logic or solution for this is very much appreciated.


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