Search for key word then click on date tab

I have a better understanding now.I have attached the URL that I need to get information from. Also is attached of the website and a description of what my automation needs to do. I was thinking the REG would be needed to find the word designations in the description and a element exists activity for the date. My coding for the selectors to work correctly is not that good yet. I have also attached my workflow so far on this automation. If you have sometime to check it out that would be awesome.

Main.xaml (8.9 KB)

@NATHAN_MORA - you can try below

  • Do the data scraping -> Date, DateLink and Description
  • Do DataTable Filter -> Date with Today’s date -> and Description contains - your search string
    –> If data exists -> click the date link/navigate using DateLink.

please avoid to fork your case multiple times

you got support on your initial post and will also get further support if needed