Search for a dynamic element in a website

I have a project where I use a website and search in it for a dynamic element that can be 0 or 1 or even more of it in that webpage and I need to click on every element that found
I don’t know which activity could do this

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What u mean by dynamic element having values 0 , 1 or more ?

Hi @soufianalami05

Could you provide more details of your requirements. If possible along with screenshot.

If your requirement is to click on a element which is dynamic in nature ie., it shows value 0 or 1 or 2 etc then you can replace the number with * in the selector.

Sorry I cant show you the actual website.
But here this screenshot from the word file page i think it’s close enough
to explain more I have a website with a search bar like in the screenshot I want to search I’ll search for CV for example and the results as the screenshots they’re like cards and they have a common text and I need to access to each one of them of course each one in a different tab of the browser. Sorry again for the screenshot and thanks for your time

Hi @soufianalami05

You can try with the below method

  1. Search the required data by inputting in searched bar

  2. After search results are generated. Use datatscrapping to scrape the name of each card and store in datatable format.

  3. Use for each row to iterate through each name and use click activity by using dynamic selector with name of card as attribute so that we can click on each card for each iteration. After clicking the card, it will be opened and extract the required data using get text.

Hope the above logic helps you


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