Scroll on a web page containing a table until specific row is visible

Hi everyone,

i have the following issue.
My Bot should perfom a right click on an element in a table in a web app, and then a left click on an element in the dropdown that opens due to the previous right click. That works fine as long as the element is visible from the beginning. Sometimes the table is so long, that the Bot would have to scroll down in order for the element to be visible. Is there a way to scroll down to a particular row or to the first instance of a specific text in the table?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Eknamadura,
How about the solution applied in the link? You could use “Element exists” or whatever works for you :slight_smile:

hi @Eknamadura Welcome to our forum community
did you try with the “hover” activity? if not, try to use that with the correct selector or uielement