Screenshot is basically half the screen when it is taken with the screen is locked

Hey, guys! I have been facing this issue that when I execute a script to take a screenshot on a Windows 11 machine and it is locked, only half the screen is captured. When it is unlocked, it works normally and it is taken fully. What could be the cause of this issue?

You shouldn’t be running automations with the screen locked. The automations need an active desktop to be able to interact with. If the automation doesn’t need human interaction, you should be running it unattended.

Paul, thank you for your taking the time to answer me. You are amazing!

So, basically, it is inevitable to unlock the screen for the purpose of capturing what’s going on in the desktop? If so, what is the most efficient way to simply unlocking it?

Don’t lock it in the first place.

But again, if it doesn’t require human interaction then run the automation unattended using Orchestrator, and it manages the RDP session to the server for you.

It’s just that I deal with a lot of machines daily and, for security measures, I gotta lock them after the script is executed and the process is done.

As I’ve said previously, I’m able to run the script if it is unlocked so the process isn’t interrupted at all. I just wanted to know why exactly it only captures half the screen when it is locked.

Run them unattended and you won’t have to do that. Orchestrator establishes the RDP session, runs the job, then signs out of the session.

I just wanted to know why exactly it only captures half the screen when it is locked.

As I said, a locked screen is not a fully functional desktop, which the automation needs to work correctly.