Scraping unstructured data from web

hello i got stuck in making a bot as my data is unstructured which i have to scrape from web.can anyone connect and help me please

on some pages its like this

on some pages its like this
and onsome pages its different

Hi @58_Talib_Qadri ,
Can you please share the URL of the Website from which you are trying to extract Data.

Hi @58_Talib_Qadri

Please refer this , hope it works out

this is the website i have to click on ever 8k file and get data of votes from there

sir can you connect on zoom or on teams with me

Hi @58_Talib_Qadri ,

Can you tell me what data you are extracting? Just provide me a screenshot of it

Vinit Mhatre

sir this is the data i have to scrap