Scraping City/District/Neighborhood


I’m trying to do a web scraping. Data should be stored in excel in this format.


I have districts url’s. When you go to the url there are 5 neighborhood in that window like a table. I can get those neighborhood in a for each row with data scraping. But i can’t tag which neighborhood is in which district.

This is for each row activity which i’m getting neighborhood names.

Every iteration for data scrape i am getting 5 neighborhood name.

So how can i make like this in EXCEL as follows;

Spain,Madrid, Alcorcón
Spain,Madrid, Ajalvir
Spain,Madrid, Batres
Spain,Madrid, Brunete

Thanks for any help.

Use build data table activity to build a new data table with three columns.
In the for each loop, add a row to a data table with the saved values in three variables (City, District, Neighbourhood)

Pseudo code:

  1. Build data table with three columns
  2. For Each loop, add row with three values to a data table

Karthik Byggari

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