Formated Data

Can we trim the data which we have Extrated using Formated data like data scraping and how
For Example i have to create a excel workbook extracting the data from above screen shot, I just want to extract the Place,date in a work book but in a selector it is taking full line?
how can I trim the data?

Hello @jyothi_M.B You can using individual element scrapes filter out in the scraping process. What is more efficient (correct me if i am wrong) would be to extract the data in your scrape you are currently using and then abstract the location using assigns. for example you could find the location of the space and then take only the values to the right of the space.

Hopefully this helps

thank you@Jamcol, i am using DataScraping , i want to extract the Places(Delhi,Sydney,Munich) in workbook format , But when i try to extract the data it is taking the whole line (June 25th,Munich Sold out,June 13th 2019 ,Delhi Sold Out)
But I jst want Munich


I think selector is working upto that line, if you want the value like Munich, Delhi, Sydney,Shanghai
Then you can split after the comma “,” (after the date)by each row by row using for each row activity then you will achieve only places.


@aman_sheik thanks, but i am using data scraping how i can use for each activity row there?

@jyothi_M.B Hello again, sorry for slow replies im at work :slight_smile: You can put your output from the data scrape into a data table, this will help with that…

From there you need to use an assign activity and a combination of split and Right to achieve your desired results.


Sorry for the late reply, I tried your use case, here iam attaching the images that you can follow to get place names

Here I achieved in write line (due to my office timings) (you can also check the output in write line or message box) , instead of write line you can use add data row activity which you can insert values in excel.

Hope this helps


Aman Sheik

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