Scrape the url of an image

I want to scrape the url of an image and store it for further scrapping but I can’t.
I used the “get attribute” with “href” or “src” but I only got empty strings.
Anyone knows why?

get attribute activity pointing with the selector to the img element and retrieving the src attribute value should return the url of the image.

for further analysis check it out with the uiexplorer. Feel free to share some screenshots from the analysis with us

I have this on the selector editor, if I highlight the section, it shows to me the picture but it finally extracts the page url, not the picture’s one…

currently your selector is pointing to a DIV element. This can be quickly identified on this: grafik

just rewire the selector and let it point to the image element (tag=‘IMG’). From this the src attribute can be retrieved

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I’ve changed the tag from DIV to IMG and the attribute from url to src
but now I get this…I’m so confused!

as the error message is clear stating: the element cannot be found with the given selector:

I hope you have NOT changed the old selector textually from div to img

It is required that the selector is adressing the image (Use: indicate item… validate the selector in the UIExplorer).

If the URL is public so please share it with us. We would like to avoid ping pongs and to finalize it quickly. Thanks

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