Scrape Table Data From multiple pdf page and save into Excel File


I am trying to extract data from a table (only for Not Imported Keywords as we have multiple table with different types of data table but i need to scrape only Not Imported tables) spanning multiple pages of a pdf file. I can’t use read pdf because it is misalign the columns and values and sequence is also changing according to the different pdf.
Tried Data/Screen Scrapping which is some how working if table is on single page but i need to extract all table data either it is on one single page or multiple pages and finally need to convert scrapped table to the excel file. i am a new user unable to upload sample pdf files.
Any pointers?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to forums,

you can work with document understanding

OR use any OCR tools like Forms Recognizer

These are ML based tool, where you can train your template

Hope this helps you


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Thank you ksrinu for the quick response!
as i have mentioned i am new to uipath can you please explain bit more about above solution. The link you have provided is just the activity about document understanding i am unable to understand it :frowning:

HI @Shaheena_Naz1, Check this link

@Parth_Doshi had made many videos on usecases regarding documnet understanding u can check this to know how we can extract tables from pdf files using Document understanding

Hope it helps you

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Sure Ksrinu :slight_smile:
Will try this and contact you in case unable to find solution or any doubts.

Thanks a lot!!!

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