Scheduling a process based on mail subject

Hi Guys!!

I have two different processes (Ex: A,B) in single UiPath code & both the processes have different mail subjects to trigger. I have a doubt here.
I have to schedule my process A for two hours & my Process B for three hours after two hours of completion of Process A.
So is it possible to schedule two different processes based on mail subject in single UiPath code in different times or I have to publish them as two differnt process & have to schedule them one after other.

Plz clarify me

Thanks in dvance

It depends on what you want.
I think making two different processes keeps the complexity lower which is a good thing to consider.

Does the processing of transaction change based on the condition, A, B?
or is it just the trigger which is different. ?

@kali No, both are different processes not related to one other.