Schedule the bot on every 28th of the month


I have an below scenario…

Where the bot need to run on every 28th of the month… If 28 falls under Saturday or Sunday it needs to run on next working day Monday.

Any suggestions pls

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hi @Fresher
you can use Cron expression on your Schedule process
It should be like this
0 0 28 * sat,sun (first two 0 you can select any minute,hour)

but I have a small dought when you selecting a day it should be a Specific day of the week or a Specific day of the month. not sure both works

any way you can do some modification on development if this is not working

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Hello @Fresher,

There is a thread similar to this one. I would advice you go through it as well. There are workarounds to achieve this but no straight forward way.

If you find the documentation at UiPath difficult to understand while building cron expressions, you can use the link posted by @Maneesha_de_silva and build expressions in Quartz format. Why this particular link? Because Uipath has used the same library “Quartz” to implement the cron expression in orchestrator using the .Net version. The expression you build in the link will be valid in UiPath orchestrator as well.

But why is this difficult?
The limitation with quartz library is that it does not allow two simultaneous filters at the same time (day of month (number) and day of week (number / number range or string / string array)). You can either run on the 28 of every month or run on specific days of the week, not both. The “W” parameter is a remedy for some situations, but not in your case. That said, even a normal cron expression in Linux will need to have additional logic to get the result you are looking for.

Hope this clears some doubts.


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