Schedule start of XAML, without using orchestrator

someone knows how to create a workflow that executes an .XAML on certain days and a specific time range, use DateTime, Timespan, or some method but without having to acquire the orchestrator

that is to say: I have a workflow, whether the complete workflow places it in a sequence, or I export it as an Invoke Workflow, I need to create a process that initiates the Workflow for example, the days Monday, Thursday from 7am, I know there are many ways to do them with DateTime and TimeSpan but I can not get the concepo right in my head, has someone already done it or do you have any idea how to do it?

Try use Scheduler of windows using a archiev .bat to execute a robot.
Open Notepad. - Enter as below:start "" /min "<Full Path of UiRobot.exe>" /file:"<Full Path of .xaml File>"
Save the File with .bat extension. Double Click on it should run the xaml file than you configured.

Use task scheduler windows and config it to start a .bat

Let me know if it helps.