Scaling exception handling for HTTP request status code

Current potential issue might be:
No unacknowledged ID (in studio trasition state between init and final state) error is not being handled properly.
Current error handling is not distinguishing genuine no PO result error and also API Request based errors (401 Unauthorized).
Better error handling that is able to distinguished between genuine no PO result error and also API Request based error.
Coverage should include HTTP Status Codes as shown.
401 (Unauthorized) – steps after switch case
403 (Forbidden)
404 (Not Found)
500 (Internal Server Error)
503 (Service Unavailable)

valid 200 and 201 — default
need check the url

Valid but no data coming back from Coupa API response.
Error handling code translation will need to be in a new workflow in order for other API request to process same message.

-Propose solution with justification on area to fix.
Solution proposal will be based on observation on how framework is processing each items and proposal will need to be point-by-point to explain on current flow and proposed flow with proper logical explanation on such solution proposal will be able to optimized framework further.
Current expected optimization strategy will include error handling and also final reporting feature.

In short -
how to do error handling distinguishing in different handling different HTTP error codes , or how to handle different HTTP error code , link is valid but not getting any response
401 (Unauthorized),403 (Forbidden),404 (Not Found),500 (Internal Server Error),503 (Service Unavailable)

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Can you share the sample exception response? which is 200 and 201 but data is not appear as you expected?