Saving inline images from email


i have few emails with inline images, i have to download the images to folder. images are not in attachment property. i am reading emails with imap activity. when is checking the email body, it is appearing blank due to inline image so i read the html body from header like . email.Headers(“htmlBody”) and searched for cid:“images”. Now i have all the images name but don’t know how to save them on the i can save them
Please suggest.

Are you 100% certain they aren’t in the attachments? My experience has been that inline images are still attachments - based on this thread linked below that is others’ experience as well.

use a for each loop for list of mail messages where the item is of type MailMessage

and assign count = item.attchments.count

if the count is >0 then use save attachment activity.

Hi ,
@Dave i am getting item.Attachments.Count this as 0 while i am having image inline in email, thats why i read html body to get source of image but down know from where to download.

@pratyusha_gandham attachments are successfully saved, i am getting problem only in case of inline images.

same error is getting in our POC as well