Save Inline Images from Email Body

hi all,

How to Save the Inline Images from the Email Body.
i have tried to save attached ,it is not in the attachment is there any other way to save to inline images from uipath in specific Location .

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Hello @ravi_gupta

See this topic if he can help you

tried not getting the image as attachment.

can you share some samples regarding reading inline images.

See this
email body - Copy.xaml (8,2,KB)
Process.xaml (16,8,KB)
Read body mail.xaml (5,7,KB)

maybe that can also help you

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checked the samples this is not related to save inline images in email body.

These are learning samples so you can begin to understand how to work with emails.

can you Please Check to Save Inline images i can fetch the attachment in mail body but that inline images is not Coming in mail body…