Saving Excel Files with Variable Names

Hello All,

The current process that I am trying to Automate involves opening multiple excel workbooks via a link and saving the .xlsx files as .xlsm. However the issue I am running across is that I can’t use an “excel scope” to save the files as an .xlsm since the file name changes every time the link is clicked and it has not been saved yet.
So basically I want a method to save the temporary excel file to my computer as a .xlsm.I also want this these files to open in the background of my computer allowing the user to work as the process runs.

I am quite new to UiPath so any information is appreciated. I tried my best with UiPath Acadamy, but didn’t find anything in regards to this topic.
Thank you for your help,

@spolo -
Looks like you will have to do a Save from the UI - Attach Application Window, Send Hot Key - F12, Enter file name and save.
To launch an excel file without the excel scope, try “Start Process” activity.


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