Excel to .txt file

how to convert a datatable to .txt format with tab delimited

I think you can try output data table activity which gives your datatable values as comma seperated values. Then try replacing comma with tab and store that text to .txt file

Hi @Amrutha.mg ,

  1. Pass Datatable to Output Data Table Activity. It will give you string format of Datatable. Store text in output variable say varMyTable.

  2. Pass varMyTable (input) to Write Text File Activity. Pass file destination with name & extension in path example, (“C:\Users\Desktop\text.txt”).




The method suggested by @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu works properly if you don’t have , symbol in your table.
For better result you may need to follow below steps,

  1. Initialize a string variable to Empty
  2. Loop over the datatable and get string format of each row using tab delimiter.
  3. Append row string to String variable
  4. After the end of loop, write string value to text file

Hope this helps you


write csv file activity is the approriate activity along with the configuration:


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thank you all

yaa i got this :sweat_smile: