Save Outlook Attachments

Hi there,

How can you save the attachments received as Outlook items?

These Outlook items will always contain a .pdf file within them that it’s actually what I need to save.



There isn’t a straight-forward approach to achieve this. But you can do this in a three-step process.

  1. Save Attachments - from the incoming email item
  2. Open the downloaded .msg or .eml file with FileReader (depending on the file format)
    This will give you the byte stream which you can use a MailMessage object.
    Read here for more information
    Also this might help
  3. Use MailMessage object obtained from reading the attached eml/msg file and use Save Attachments again to get the PDF file.

Hi @rjackson,

Can you try below link:


@1996 Neelima,

I think OP’s problem is not that one attachment type is non-pdf but the real PDF attachment is contained within an attachment so it’s not directly visible.

@1996 @RPAForEveryone That’s correct, I have added the filter for those files that come as a .pdf and it’s working fine. But I am not able to make it work when the attachment that I need comes within another e-mail attached.

Do you have any suggestions for this scenario?


Hi @rjackson
Yes what I suggested above should work for you