Save Mail Message activity, custom mail message filename

Hi, I want to use the Save Mail Message activity to save an email with a custom filename. How do I do this? The only parameters here I see are FilePath and the MailMessage but it doesn’t have a field for custom filename e.g. [Custom filename].eml or [Custom filename].msg

@DEATHFISH I guess you can make it customized. What is the problem that you are facing ?

Check the activity for Save Mail Message

It only has two parameters: FilePath and MailMessage

but no parameter for Filename.

How do you set the filename you want to save the email message as?

@DEATHFISH You can provide the filename in this way :

If You want it in EML format :

If you want it in MSG format :

The Folder Path where you want to Save it with the filename that you want.

What’s the difference between .eml files and .msg files in terms of business use cases?

A quick Google search returns the technical differences between these…

However, what is the most important thing to know when choosing between these as a business user?