Save images in particular folders

First need to create folders as per product ID mentioned in attach excel screnshot then there are multiple link columns, each link contains images of particular product. Need to iterare through each link just need to copy that image and save that image in folders which we created as per id.
How we can automate this process, please suggest as I am new in this.

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just to confirm will the image be downloadable in any format or you need to copy it only


Images will be only in jpg format.

Hi Praveen,

you can go through this algorithm

  1. Read excel as data table
  2. For each row in data table
    1. if folder does not exists(row.item(“id_product_parent”))
      create folder
    2. use “wait for download” action, takes input of URL and path to download

if it helps mark it as solution

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No still confused

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