Trying to download images after searching product code

Hi Expoerts,

I am not new this field and trying to achieve very small task for myself. Please help.

Agenda: trying to download images of products from a website


  1. I am able to browse to weburl and able to search the product code e.g. P006050 in the search box (which is in excel sheet). You can pass the value as hardcoded value in search box.
  2. Able to click on product
  3. able to achieve right click on first image
  4. where it opens browser popup menu to choose save image option.Click on save image option works sometime.
  5. When it (point 4) works, I am able to save first image.

Doesn’t Works:

  1. Click on Save image doesn’t work sometime. Popup menu hides before robot select the option.
  2. Unable to click on second image thumbnail to highlight it.

RoboMan (2.5 MB)

Present process ZIP